Harbour/ Guest Harbour

Hälleviks Harbour – a Blue Flag harbour for guests and members of the boatclub

The harbour is the center of the village Hällevik. In the village we have seaside resort, outdoor swimming pool, fishmonger, cafe, restaurants, hotell, fishing museum, art galleriers, nature reserve, tennis courts, bangolf, culture events, jazz festival, camper-area etc.

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  • What you find in the harbour
  • Public transportation
  • Links to pages about Hällevik, sea rescue, shipyard etc

What you find in the harbour

Contact: telephone number +46 456-57080 email: info@hallevikshamn.se

  • H Harbour office, ”paying machine” for boats and campers, toilets , showers, washing machines och turist information
  • G guest places G1 all places and G2 is ”red/green” places
  • B Drive In boat wash
  • D Diesel refueling , Latrin station, Derrick and Slip (all self-service).
  • M
  • R  Restaurants, fishmonger and smokehouse
  • S  Camper-area, closed during the jazz festival (beginning August)
  • T Bus stop. To Sölvesborg for more information Blekingetrafiken

Hälleviks harbour is well protected from winds and waves. Protected by piers and with y-bars at most places. For the larger boats there are places along the piers. Water, electricity and wifi at all places.

Boat bottom wash by RentUnder for both motor and sailboats with a maximum size of 12x4x1.8 meters. The boat’s width in the waterline may be max. 3.4 meters. Contact harbour host for service (+46 456-57080).

Public transport to and from the harbour

During the summer there are good parking spaces at the parking place for motorhomes (S). (However, not during the Jazz Festival in early August)

By bus you can easily reach the city Sölvesborg, line 2. It takes 20 min and about 1 trip/hour during summer. From Sölvesborg trains go to Malmö, Kastrup, Copenhagen and the cities of Blekinge. For the tour list see Blekingetrafiken .

The nearest health center is located in Mjällby.

Links to pages about Hällevik, sea rescue, shipyards etc

More info about the museum and other attractions in Hällevik

Sea Rescue

The nearest shipyard is in Nogersund (can be reached by bus)  MMG marine